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JOBS IN SURAT – What type of industries located in Surat?

Types of Jobs available in surat
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Why you want to work in Surat or Search jobs in Surat?

SURAT is located in Indian state of Gujarat. In past time it is a large sea-port and now it is an economic and commercial center in south Gujarat. Surat is famous for diamond business, textile industries and a shopping center for apparels and accessories. It is eighth largest city in India. It is also famous for bridges. According to economic times, Surat will be the world’s fastest growing city from 2020 to 2035. It is the administrative capital of Surat district. Surat has been selected as one of the twenty Indian cities to be developed as smart city. Surat was fourth cleanest city of India.

Surat City

Most of the Surat people are in diamond and textile industries. Surat known as diamond city of India. It is famous for diamond cutting and polishing. Surat’s famous industries are:

  • Diamond polishing
  • Textile
  • Information technology
  • Diamond Research And Mercantile city (DREAM)


The first diamond work shop found in Surat and Navsari in 1950s. Surat is major hub of diamond cutting and policing. In fact, 90% of all diamonds cutting and polishing the planet takes place in Surat. Because of demand in the American market from the early 1970s, Surat’s diamond industry grew immensely. Currently most diamond polishing work are running in the varachha area of Surat, mostly by the people of Patel community.

Diamond City Surat

Approximately 8 out of 10 diamond polishing market running in Surat. The rough diamonds are mind in South Africa and other region of African continent, and for smooth gems Antwerp, Belgium where the international diamond market is ruing. This industry earns in India about US$10 billion in annual export.

Job tools description: 

  1. Split diamond
  2. saw
  3. cutting
  4. shaping
  5. polishing
  6. drilling
  7. diamonds used in jewelry or in industrial tools

diamond testing

Duties of diamond worker:

  1. Holds stone, gems, die and stylus, attached to holder or lapidary stick.
  2. Put against rotating plate, grind and polishing.
  3. Bores, laps, and polishes holes in industrial diamond use for die, using drill, lathe, draping machine and hand tools.
  4. Grind, drills and finishes jewel bearings for use in precision instruments, such as compasses and chronometers.
  5. Measures size of stone and cuts to ensure as specification. Using precision measuring instruments.
  6. Locates and marks drilling position of surface for diamonds dies, using diamond chip and power hand drill.
  7. Laps girdle on rough diamond using diamond gridding lathe.
  8. Put it against edge of revolving saw, using jeweler’s hammer and lapidary slitter to cut, block and slit stones.
  9. Lubricates, dismantles and cleans lapping, cutting, polishing and shaping with equipment machinery.
  10. Examine diamond or gem to determine, shape, cut and width of stone. Select shaping wheel, mixes, bort and policing compound.


Surat is also known as ‘textile city’ of India. It produces largest amount of textiles in India. In textile industry, the turnover of the city goes somewhere around 5 billion rupees annually. Surat textile market is an ideal place for both retail and wholesale shopping in dress materials. There are plenty of verities and styles of textile. Such as salvar-kamiz, printed and embroidery material, polyester etc. are available in large quantity at textile hub. Surat is also called ‘silk city of India’ because of its high silk production.

Textile Market

Business type:

  • Manufacturing
  • exporting
  • Wholesaling
  • Retailing

Textile manufacturing workers prepare natural and synthetic fibers for spinning in to yarn and manufacturing yarn into textile products that are used in clothing, in house hold goods and many industrial purposes. There are approximately 137,510 workers employed in apparel manufacturing market and 16,560 workers are in textile, apparel and furnishing. Among the process that these workers are doing cleaning, carding, combing, and spinning fibers; weaving, knitting and bonding yarns, and thread in to textile; and dyeing and finishing fabrics.

Related services:

  • Fabric dying
  • Printing
  • Crushing
  • Digital fabric printing
  • Pleating
  • Knitting and dying
  • Tie and dying
  • Fabric bleaching
  • Laser cutting
  • Designing fabrics.


Zari Work

Surat is also famous for cotton mills and Surat zari craft. Zari threads are made from yarns of silks and cotton mixed with gold, silver and copper. It’s used to extensive in textiles industries and handicrafts. The zari threads are used to make complicated designs by weaving in to generally silk fabrics. The Surat zari is either woven on clothes or hand embroidered to from fabric borders or used as a part on the body of the clothes. The zaries made in Surat are two of types: the real metallic zaries made with gold and few pure metals. And the imitation zari made with plastics.


There are many SME domestic IT companies held in Surat. MNC IT companies like IBM, HCL have satellite or virtual branches in Surat. Surat city administration will demand for setting up an information technology hub and Indian institute and information technology (IIIT) on the outskirt of the city. Microsoft city next initiative has tied up with IT services majors TATA consultancy service and Wipro to leverage technology for sustainable growth of city in India.


In 2015, tech giant IBM has chosen Surat among 16 global locations for its smart city program to help them address challenges like waste management, disaster management and citizen services. IT companies balances Surat’s employment rate.

TYPES OF JOBS IN IT(Information Technology):

  • Developing software
  • Developing hardware
  • Developing games
  • Developing websites
  • Networking
  • Testing
  • IT support
  • Cyber securities
  • Technology consulting
  • Project management
  • Web designing
  • App developing
  • Graphic designing

This is particularly the case with technological consulting, where is some roles you might spend most of your working week at a client office in different cities or even different countries.


Almost every businesses need technology and many employ specialist IT staff, so you can find vacancies in huge variety of industries.

  • Software companies
  • Hardware companies
  • Gaming companies
  • Technology consultancies
  • IT services providers
  • Telecom companies
  • Bank and other finance organization
  • Engineering companies
  • Retailers
  • The public sector (e.g. hospitals, central and local government and the secret intelligence service)

In the public sector, many IT jobs also helps indirectly by making processes faster.


The government of Gujarat plans another project near Surat similar to Gujarat international finance Tech-city. The government wishes to develop five seven star hotels, banks, IT, corporate trading house, entertainment job and other facilities while the Surat diamond bourse will be based there.  The government of Gujarat has initiated a planning process for realization of diamond research and mercantile city at Surat.


Dream city is upcoming business in Surat. It will be built on 2,000 acres of land near khajod. Surat will be Gujrat’s third smart city. The district is projected to have office space, residential areas, and facilities for these residential areas.

Surat diamond bourse is second diamond trading center will operate from DREAM city. Its major role will be trading unpolished diamonds and manufacturing polished diamonds. The diamond bourse will expected to have services for import and exports diamonds, as well as banking and insurance services. Presently, diamonds are polished at Surat and traded at India’s sole diamond exchange.

The government of Gujrat also announced the textile industry will be included in DREAM city project.


The average salary in Surat is RS. 302k. trends in wages declared by-100% in Q4 2019. The cost of living in Surat is 100 percent higher than the national average. The most popular occupation in Surat are accountant, civil engineers, mechanic engineers which pay between rs. 123k and rs. 873k per year. The most popular employees in Surat are Essar steel ltd, Larsen & turbo limited, and reliance industries limited.


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