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Graphic Designers Jobs : Best Job option for a Graphic Designer


 What is Graphic Designing?

  • Graphic Designing is the professional design and art. Their skills can be valuable of lots of many industry who assembles together such as images, typography to create a piece of design that a person visualization has more important in this field.
  • Best imagination and powerful visualization that more effective to create any design.
  • Graphic design create visual elements such as images, text, shapes etc… to communicate message through digital, print and other types of media. That also known as graphic art and design develop design of magazines, newspaper, website, packaging, video elements, marketing marital and more…

Graphic Design Duties and responsibility:

  • to determine scope of the project by meeting with clients or other creative team members ya director of a company.
  • Conceptualize visuals based on requirements.
  • Prepare rough draft and present ideas.
  • Develop illustrations, logo and other design using by hand and then final create in use any software.
  • Use of digital tool and software like photo editing, layout based software, Photoshop etc… To use and create own design.
  • Project based to use in design, logo, color, images, text, font etc.
  • To use feedback and changes recommended by client or company creative director.
  • Prepare digital files for production.
  • Graphic design must work with experience company and stakeholders to create unique design and more learn with experience person to compete limit time of project and be comfortable working on multiple ideas and tight deadline.


What are the different types of graphics?

  • That are two types Raster and vector that Raster as an each pixel is separating define and vector is use on mathematical formulas like lines and shapes. Are type on graphic design like:
  • Visual identity
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Web design
  • Publication
  • Packaging
  • Motion
  • Environmental
  • Illustration

Why it’s so important?

  • General design is simple and not any message are pass to the design that best way possible: it is important tool that enhances how to communicate with other person.
  • It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective but also beautiful.
  • However you can just few factors to consider before investing in graphic design services good design makes you look good.

Graphic design job and salary in India?

  • That India as more opportunity provide in related graphic design. that provide in best job and salary in person. Like in few years that future as all digital market.
  • Some company best salary provide in graphic design an entry – level graphic designer with less than 1 year experiences can expect to earn in average.
  • Designer with 1-4 year of experience earn an average total compensation of 2,60,712 based on salary.
  • According to all over company review that the average annual salary range for a graphic design between rs.98,228 m to 5,17,548.
  • After few years of experience in the industry a senior designer may earn up to 7.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Median annual salary: Rs 50,370
  • Top 10% annual salary : rs:85,760
  • Bottom 10% annual salary: Rs: 29,610

Education, Training and certificate

This field puts great deal of emphasis on experience. Even if that experience is simply developing your own work as ex : a few graphic designer don’t go through any sort of formal training and are completely self-taught .that many people typically have an advanced aptitude for computer – aided design

  • Education:
  • That are any students are learn in graphic design like 10th pass, 12 pass, commerce student etc… many graphics designers complete a bachelors degree with a major in graphics design either traditional college an art institute.
  • Training:
  • People with bachelor’s degrees in unrelated fields often can gain the training. they need through technical programs like software training courses.
  • To tack specialized courses in graphic design and complete internship’s work.
  • Professional graphic design should also train in good understanding of tools and software like Photoshop, coral draw and design that may come in handy for various graphic design.

Skill required by graphic designer:

  • However, this a highly creative lines of work. It goes without saying that graphic designers should have the basic skill required like:
  • Basic drawing skills
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Knowledge of graphic design software
  • Good listing and communication skills
  • You must able to best communicate with client and client’s suggestions as well as understand what they want.
  • Designers must be able to collaborate with team member and get along with others when they work as path of a design team.
  • That basic knowledge of graphic design software and technology and color theory is critical internship’s.
  • That time management you juggling several projects almost simultaneously.

Graphic-Designing- set

Job Outlook:

  • Jobs in graphic design are expected to grow at about 5 % from 2019 to 2029 which is less than the national average for the decade national average of job in India 10%.
  • In that many industry however, graphic design working for with print publication can expect a 20% deadlines.
  • Those working with computer system should thrive, realizing about a 22 % gain in job growth.

Work Environment:

  • That more benefit environment provide in a graphic design employer that some work for graphic design, public relations or advertising firms, completing projects for various clients.
  • There work in communication department within business , government agencies , colleges, nonprofit group or other organization
  • Many graphic designers are self-employed. They have clients they work for independently.

How to get The Job:

  • Develop a portfolio:
  • Your portfolio is the strong opportunity provide in a next company job that evidence of your successful work from the past, so graphic designers must develop portfolio of their work to show prospective employers.
  • Add some freelance experience:
  • Graphic design students create strong portfolio through hands-on classroom project and graphic design portfolio very strong to through freelance work.

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