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What are the benefits of COVID-19 lockdown

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apart from worries about the virus, there are likely to be rising tensions in some families having to live on top of one another at home. In ordinary times, couples spend on average two-and-a-half hours together each day, says research.

 The reduced social interaction with friends is a difficult one, So, what can we do to keep ourselves and our children sane as we apply this principle, and pull together for public health? One particular thing to emphasize is the importance of physical activity. Being physically active is an essential ingredient for the health and well being of the human being. It positively benefits us in countless critical way, physically and psychologically. When we do not get the physical activity we are used to, it can affect us negatively. Most predominantly we feel it in our mood in the first instance, but we may not readily realize that it is a lack of activity that is bothering us.

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Do some physical activities

Do some physical activity is compulsory for the human being, despite of this lockdown you can do some physical activities at your home. Research says, adults need at least 30 minutes of physical activity almost every day, while children need 60 minutes of this same level of physical activity every day. “Moderate to vigorous physical activity” is activity that makes your heart and lungs work harder than they normally have to, and is usually considered to be a good fast walk or an activity such as jogging, running and cycling. This is the level of intensity we need to move at to get a health benefit, and to maintain our health and well-being.

Some people may see this target as difficult to achieve. That’s absolutely OK, a lot of people feel this same way.  The trick is to set yourselves a realistic target now for the coming days, be it 15 or 20 minutes of activity. This target should be a little more than you usually do, not too easy to achieve, but achievable. Then yourself and your kids set yourselves the task of building on this every couple of day by adding 5 extra minutes.  We each need to identify ways to get the above physical activity built into our day now, with the added constraint of maintaining social distancing. What this means is that we do the activity with our children and we don’t send them outside to be active on their own.

You can do other future beneficial actives during this lockdown. It means plenty of time for reading, binge-watching your favorites series and spending time with family. You may also want to consider tightening up your finances and taking steps to organize your financial life.

Future financial planning

You may have experienced a cut in pay or income as a result of the pandemic, and now is the time to undertake a ruthless budgeting exercise. While in lockdown, it is likely you will save costs on expenses such as fuel, parking, coffee-on-the-run, convenience spend, entertainment and eating out. You may also have put certain expenses on hold such as gym membership, subscriptions and etc.., so take this into account when revising your budget. If your income has been or is likely to be affected by the pandemic, talk to your bank and/or creditors today. Most banks have announced measures to assist customers with loans and debt, so be proactive about contacting your bank to make arrangements.

 Take some time to enhance your financial education. Subscribe to a financial blog, listen to a financial podcast, watch a YouTube video on investing, read a book on personal finance or enroll for an online course.

Festive budget planning

Christmas may be nine months away and probably the last thing on your mind right now. But this is a good opportunity to do careful festive season budgeting, plan and make gifts and cards, or use your loyalty points and rewards to buy gifts or treats. It’ll also create an opportunity to focus on something pleasant and positive.

Do some social activities at home

In a country with so many impoverished and compromised people, it is difficult to imagine how the vast majority of poor people are going to manage during this lockdown period. There are hundreds of charities and NGOs who are doing incredible work supporting homeless shelters, soup kitchens, animal shelters and poor communities. Find a charity that is aligned with your values and find ways to support them. Use some social sites like Paytm and phone/pe etc. And help your country by your little contribution.

 Make a list of things you can live without

Staying at home means you won’t be popping to the shops regularly and will probably just make do with what you have at home until you need to go shopping. While you’re in lockdown, make a list of all the things you realize you can live without. Whether it’s flavored mineral water, Woolies ready-made meals or your favorite brand of muesli, we will likely learn to make do with less, be more creative, learn to improvise, and ultimately save money.

Create ‘in case emergency’ files

Most people never have time to put an ‘In Case of Emergency’ file together, but now is a perfect time. Over and above your will and living will, draw up a ‘digital will’ which includes all your online accounts and subscriptions, passwords, PINs, log in details and user names. Your ICE files should also include the details of your next of kin, your medical aid number and plan option, the codes to any safes you may have on your property, title deeds, vehicle registration documents, birth certificates, ID, passport, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and maintenance agreements.

Find your will, read it and determine whether it still reflects your wishes. If not, make contact with your financial adviser and arrange for them to update your will as a matter of priority, bearing in mind that most financial advisors are working remotely during the lockdown and will be able to assist. If your will does not need to be updated, make sure your loved ones know about it and where it is kept.

Do chill and make some new dishes

Usually, people don’t have a proper time for their family to do some house work an make some food dishes, but now is a perfect time to do all these things for your family and for yourself. Play some indoor games in the house and make this time memorable for your family. In this lockdown period every restaurants and cafe are closed so you can’t eat some fast food. This is the time to made it your own and learn something new.

Make some plans for life after corona virus

Although it will get worse before it gets better, bear in mind that this too shall pass. Spend time during lockdown making plans for when the crisis is over. Register for a half marathon, plan a holiday, make arrangements for a get-together with friends and family, or schedule a weekend getaway for later in the year.

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